Skull cleaning


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Got a small red stag which I found dead a couple days after the season closed for the year. Currently doing my Alevels I don't have time to boil him out or clean him up properly so I buried him in the field. Will this tint the colour of the skull? If so how can I get it out when I dig him up? Not too worried if it does as he wasn't an impressive head but if there is a way to fix it again I'd love to hear it. Also, does anyone know of a way to stop squirrels chewing on antlers and bone left outside? Other than taking it inside or shooting the buggers, as the latter is easier said then done. (Neighbors aren't understanding of hunting/shooting, they were very upset when I shot a couple of the tree rats a couple years ago).

All the buried ones I've seen have been discoloured. I don't think bleaching it really ever gets the skull as white as if it's boiled....
Discolouration will depend on the length of time in the ground and the type of soil you have. Hydrogen Peroxide will whiten to a good degree - personally I don't like the 'Persil' white look anyway - I prefer the more old ivory colour, which sits better in my mind.

I've just finished a muntie that has been in soil all over winter - over six months - and it has come up fine afaiac.
Thanks for the replies, will have to leave him there and just see how he turns out. As I said, not too bothered if he comes out that bad anway