smock recommendations

Sea trout

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Have any of you tried the deerhunter pro gamkeeper smock? Just seen one advertised with tweed print, looks smart but is it at all breathable?
Myself and my uncle both use the smock from nomad UK, it's breathable waterproof and silent, I've had mine for 9 years now and still keeps me dry.


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I have two of these

One is Khaki that I use For stalking. The other is Red that I use for ski touring, hill walking etc

They work like Ventile as in very tight weave that swells and keeps the water out. They let you work hard and sweat works its way out. They break the wind and with a fluffy fleece or jumper you ate very warm.

only change I would make would be to put in a side zip so easier to get on and off and also for ventelation. Keep meaning to but never get around to iT.
I have one but in truth am disappointed in how light the khaki is within a woodland setting.

The come up on the Large side and you're right about how they repell rainwater.



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Can anyone tell me: Is the Hoggs of Fife smock a quiet material or would it be noisy when rubbing past pine trees? Thanks