Stalking Directory shop, T shirts, car stickers etc members views please.


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I am thinking of starting up the Stalking Directory shop site again. We did have an area where we offered fleeces, thin jackets, car logos, and baseball caps for sale. This was some years back. We did not have the amount of members we now have, and although some sales were made it became a problem with supplies and getting items out. The producer posted them direct. In the end we stopped the shop side.
If we go with this it will be sent out direct from me and my other half.

What I would like to get is members thoughts on this please. Some I know will be against it. But honest constructive opinions are sought please.

Thank you


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It will, I suspect, depend on the image and wording of the merchandise.

Wandering around the countryside with a baseball cap emblazoned with the word "Stalker" could present its own wee challenge.

That said, I am all for it.


Don't forget the "Deluxe Supporter" line.
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I would probably buy one to support the site although Im more of a deer manager / culler than a recreational stalker.
I think the word 'stalker/ing' is problematic for the average Joe on the street, and I can't be bothered educating them when I go to MacDonald's (or wherever) with an SD Tee on.
If it was just the roe head or you did a tee shirt design competition, id certainly be up for it.


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On balance no. Stalking directory. Directory of what? Potential targets? What targets? It might occasionally provoke a what’s that and then a constructive conversation. Otherwise it’s just another anonymous logo