The perfect stalking biscuit.

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Something with a nice, bright, shiny and above all with a crinkly, noisy wrapper - well, you don’t want to be disturbed when enjoying one’s biscuit/s, surely?


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Thats not due to the biscuits.
Its due to Covid.

Isn’t it

I changed over to the summer clothing yesterday.
Nearly popped out a pile when i bent over to lace up my boots.
Im sure the trousers must have shrunk on the waste band.


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As a brit abroad pretty starved on the British favourites.
Ginger nuts, Garibaldi, Malted milk, even custard creams and bourbons good.
Tunnocks caramel wafer first class though, and sooo addictive...


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‘Healthy Life’ biscuits from Edinburgh were a favourite, but factory closed years back.
Home made shortbread. Anytime.
Shop bought - dark choc ginger biscuits from M&S, 61% chocolate.....
Nothing out an MRE box was worth the fight with the brass tin.


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Caramel digestives. Chocolate hobnobs. Fig rolls, Garibaldi, custard creams all good. But all trumped by jammy dodgers in my book - proper ones, the ones with the cream and jam and the sugar on the jam, not those imposters with no creamy stuff.
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