When the Big Guns Go Head to Head

Heym SR20

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I'm so impressed with what I saw on that video that, this Christmas, I'm going to build a rail system in 2" square box section right in front of my range back stop with a traveling target driven by a 18v drill

Ideas are thanks to Tiff at the Roundhouse who has already done much the same with his running boar range - thanks Tiff

Limitations of my site means that I will probably only shoot .22 (largely coz of the noise) at 25 through to 5 m

Should still scare the sh one T out of participants as the moggy comes snaking along the grass

But one can dream .... :-|
With the traveling target how are you going to do the on/off bit with the drill - will there be some form of remote switch - looking for ideas?


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Really looking forward to it

Have joined up with Tiff at the round house and will be putting together a course as soon as we can

check yer fillings - should be a laugh
That sounds like a must do!

Any further on with the 9.3?
No - 9 weeks and still waiting for a variation !!!!!

Never mind - it will still happen even if the buggers don't give me permission to use my own 9.3 in the UK

I hope that people with current experience will come along

My experience is so long ago that I feel a bit of a fraud

Still DG don't change or behave much different, and this will be about practice with your own DG rifle (or the school one) not listening to my old bollocks