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  1. Deer stalking permissions

    Ben Whereabouts in Suffolk are you? Amhuinnsuidhe
  2. Land Reform and it's Impact On Stalking and the countryside

    Be best I keep an eye out for a good bit of ground for us in NZ then David!!!
  3. Zeiss UK

    Oh dear sws, i thought you might jump all over that!!! Swaro all the way!
  4. The Shooting Show (Youtube)

    So if he always has an empty rifle when filming, how the hell did he manage to shoot that Roe? Bad angle for a shot too as said earlier. Must have been scraping the barrel for content this week!
  5. A Great Swap- Three Species in a Week

    David Thank you for the very kind write up, it was a great pleasure to have yourself and Mike down for the week. It was only right that I provide you with a week of good sport after having been treated so well by yourself back in November. As you rightly said, the pressure and pleasure of...
  6. Laksen Buck jacket

    Initially I was very pleased with this jacket, very comfortable, good fit and pockets in all the right places. However the stitching on the garment is not so great, one of the pockets is already coming adrift after only 4 months.
  7. What utter BS this is.

    Well said PS1.
  8. What utter BS this is.

    Hang on a minute. Read the ad properly. They're not asking 150k just for the stag now are they, it does include a Tahr hunt as well, plus all transfers etc etc. It will clearly be aimed at an American doing the SCI Grand Slam.
  9. Deer found dump by track

    I have heard of the very same thing here in Suffolk.
  10. Beceite Ibex

    I took my Sako 85 Finnlight in 300 Win Mag (without the moderator) with 180grn Norma/Nosler Accubonds. Yes, I'm off to Kyrgystan for the Mid Asian.
  11. Beceite Ibex

    Just a couple of pics from an Ibex hunt I had in Spain last week. The stalking was amazing and the guiding was first class, the area was so beautiful and as an added bonus unlike Scotland it was lovely and dry! We saw plenty of good Ibex and I was impressed that no animals under 9 years old...
  12. Mellness Forest visit.

    I am suffering from the dreaded post holiday blues. There is only 1 man to blame for this. David Brown of Mellness Forest. David has restored my faith in human nature for sure. He kindly invited me up to his ground for a look round after I asked if he had managed to get a swap sorted out for...
  13. Gunshops in suffolk?

    Yep as mentioned, Trulock and Harris in Framlingham, Stuart Clay Traps in Melton nr Woodbridge, Riflecraft in Harleston (Norfolk), The Country Store Pampisford (Cambs), Simpsons Newmarket, Woods of Swaffham.
  14. What 4X4

    If you go for a Lux extend the rear diff breather up between the cab and the buck.
  15. Bury meeting