1. Ammunition advice

    Advice needed. I have recently changed back to using a 6.5x55 to allow for non-lead ammunition. Sako 120 gr Barnes TTSX groups well but first few chest shot deer (roe) were all through and through with virtually no expansion or blood trail. All ran 50 yds plus. Luckily the teckles found them...
  2. 6.5x55 Terminal Ballistics

    Right, I'm sorry if this has been covered before but I'm confused! I've got a very nice Mauser M03 in 6.5x55. Accuracy at 100m with 45.5gr H4831 and 140gr Nosler Partition is about 3/4". Good enough for stalking. The rifle is great. Been up in Scotland for the past week for 3 days of stalking...
  3. Sold: RCBS 6.5x55 FL reloading Die set

  4. GRS Berserk Stock for Tikka T3 Hunter

    Hi all, Does any one on here have a GRS Berserk stock fitted to a Tikka T3 Hunter (factory barrel)? If so could you post a picture of the spacing around the barrel and forend. I am looking at buying a GRS Berserk stock for my Tikka T3 Hunter in 6.5x55 and was wondering what the spacing...
  5. 6.5x55

    I've been told by a certain official that there are only 4 firearms holders in Hampshire that have a 6.5x55 on their tickets. I've been told this is incorrect. If you have a 6.5x55 on your ticket and live in Hampshire please post here.
  6. 6.5x55 reloading

    I have just reloaded some 95 grain v-max in my 6.5x55, and took it down the field today and was very happy with the results... I shot a 4 shot group 0.781" at 130 yards. ( I was very happy as it was my first batch of reloaded ammo...) just need to get out of a night time now and give them a...
  7. wanted 6.5x55 brass

    as above, i'm looking for 6.5x55 brass, preferable federal, but i could make do with any... many thanks
  8. varmint loads for 6.5x55

    i have just brought some h414 and while i was there saw some 95grain v-max cheep ish so got them too... and was just wondering what would be the best amount of powder as i cant find any where about the 95 grain for 6.5x55 i have federal, Winchester, and Norma brass i can use and cci primers. any...
  9. help!

    hello there, i got offered loads of lee reloading gear for the 6.5x55 ; bench, press, dies, auto prime, powder measure, safety scales cases, 120 bt bullets, primers, case length tool, primer pocket thing, lube pad lube, for £150 so i thort i cant go wrong, so brought it. but how easy it is...