1. Lamping Foxes

    Hi all First proper post here, I am looking for some advice on regards to lamping foxes have a few stupid questions so here goes, Bit of background had a nasty encounter with a youngish fox taking 3 of my 6 chickens during broad day light he even had the cheek to come back again during the day...
  2. Sold: Tikka T3 .223 Barrelled action - Good condition overall £295 ready for drop-in

    A Tikka T3 barrelled action in .223Rem. 16" barrel 1 in 12 twist Perfect crown and 14 x 1 thread Lots of life in the barrel, no issues there. Full bluing Clean Original black bolt shroud not one in photo. Two bolt handles Trigger kit fitted 1.5 - 2lbs adjustable No issues, functional...
  3. Sold: Mars lt thermal scope. £500

    Atn mars lt thermal scope, 4-8x. Great scope but I bought it to see if thermal was for me or not, now time to upgrade. Bought Jan/Feb of this year, comes with picatinny QD mounts. I've killed out to 250m with it but really it's best suited for out to 150m. Looking for £700 posted, but open...
  4. Sold: Pulsar Thermion XP50 thermal scope.

    640 17um scope 2 - 16 x mag 1800 meter detection Can mount in 30mm rings Comes with: 4 x APS2 batteries, APS charger, original box and booklet and warranty. Could even throw in a Yukon one-piece mount for a picatinny/weaver rail. Good condition and fully working. £2700 posted (Cost was £4k...
  5. NV IR Torch Recommendations

    I have an Infiray TD50L NV scope, the IR torch with it is obviously rubbish. What torches to people recommend? I gather there is a difference with scope needed either LED or laser, I'm not sure of the difference. It is for foxing so needs to stretch out to 300m.
  6. For Sale: 22 250 Remington 700 SPS Synthetic and Stainless Steel Barrel

    Remington .22-250 700 SPS Synthetic Stock with Stainless Steel Barrel Triton Moderator Bipod £495 Perfect foxing rifle but also used to shoot Muntjac and CWD. This rifle is a sweet rifle to shoot well maintained and looked after. Pard 008 and IR Torch NOT INCLUDED
  7. Disposal of fox carcasses

    Just a bit of a general one here but what do you do to dispose of carcasses after a nights foxing? I know some people just chuck them in a bush, some leave them for the farmer to dispose of and I know of others that have dug a pit in a secluded corner of the farm. What do you do?
  8. Reloading

    Hi, I'm a lapsed member and just re-registered via a new PW. I'm retired so can shoot a lot - foxing, deer stalking, vermin control, driven boar (occasionally), driven game, clays (various disciplines) and re-load my 22-250 and the next stage will be re-loading my 30-06. I live in SE Essex but...
  9. Foxing on land unsuitable for centrefire?

    Be gentle as I'm an newbie to FAC, so forgive any ignorance. I'm just trying to learn like you all did once. I have a permission which has stables and poultry where I was ratting with my air rifle but they started getting fox problems, which I was invited to address. The land is on the edge of...
  10. Sold: Element Helix 6-24 x 50 scope

    Element Helix 6-24 x 50 30mm tube APR 1 C reticle MRAD SFP Side parallax, minimum 10yards. Ballistic turrets with zero stop. Fully functional, boxed, clean, excellent. Lifetime warranty that goes with the scope. £287.50 posted
  11. Sold: Harrington and Richardson 10Bore Shotgun

    Personal sale 10Bore Harrington and Richardson Nitro proof 3.5inch chamber Single shot Hammergun 36'' barrel 14 " Lengh of Pull Good condition and good metalwork and colour hardening. Spotless bore and thick wall. £225 plus RFD
  12. Sold: Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V Thermal Spotter S/H £900 ovno

    As above, nice small unit but very handy and useful in the field for foxes and deer or even rabbits 2.5 - 10 x magnification, 50hz refresh rate, 900 meter range. Well-known and reliable units. Looked after...
  13. Sold: Ruger M77 .22-250Rem Rifle

    second-hand Ruger M77 Mk2 in 22-250 Rem Wood stock, seen some use and wear but its solid and still fit for plenty of hard work Sling swivels and QD studs Blued barrel threaded 1/2 UNF, good crown. Rifle only A crazy £160 inc RFD to RFD postage (No mod or rings included.)
  14. Sold: Tourbon cheek riser

    As above. Velco straps around any stock, comes with 3/4'' (i think) very firm but comfortable raiser insert. Useful for proper cheek welds on high mounted scopes like night vision and thermal can be. I use one on another rifle, this one is spare. About £30 new £20 posted.
  15. Fox caller recommendations

    I've never owned or played with one them speaker fox caller thing. I'm interested in getting one but too many option with function I am not sure about. Could you guys please advise me on what functions is a must have and recomend me one. (Preferably a budget one unless if it is really worth...
  16. Sold: PULSAR Digital NV Spotter

    Pulsar Digiforce NV860 Great entry level unit into the world of NV Condition 9/10 (nearly as new) Digital Night Vision Lightweight (400g) Built on I.R (3x power settings) Built in rangefinder Original carry case Detachable lanyard hole doubles as tripod point or picatinny rail Have spotted...
  17. Left handed Varmint recommendations

    I've always shot RH rifles but as a lefty I want my next one to be a LH. It'll be a foxing rifle in .223. Varmint. Remington 700 is an option. I've heard mixed reviews on them. I'm used to shooting a Howa 1500 varmint so I'm used to a budget rifle and had no complaints with it. I'm on a bit of a...
  18. .223 varmint recommendations

    Looking to purchase a .223 varmint for my foxing. I do a lot with my .243 Howa Varmint 1500 but want a backup rifle and move my .243 over to deer rifle. I shoot archer attached to Vortex. Thinking another Howa but maybe stainless. Remington 783. CZ or maybe push budget to Tikka T3. All varmint...
  19. Sold: Howa 1500 Bell and Carlson stock custom bolt 243

    Howa 1500 .243 (Comission sale) -Bell and Carlson stock -Custom bolt knob/handle -picatinny rail -floor plate magazine -threaded 1/2 UNF -new crown -blued barrel/action -beartoothcomb riser £325 sent to your local dealer
  20. Best scope with Archer?

    Hi all, Seen similar older posts but as scope tech keeps moving on, thought I would ask the question now. Looking along the lines of: Zeiss V4 with 3 or 4 x starting mag with a 56 lens or Swarovski z6 (non ill) 2.5 - 15 with a 56 lens or Schmidt bender 2.5- 10 x 56 (classic type) Now...