1. SaOsborne

    Looking for new game dealer in Wilts/Hants area.

    I have learned today that Blackmoor Game, the dealer I have been using for 6+ years now is closing shop as of February (not sure when), so far no more detail given. We have Hampshire game on the doorstep, but he won't collect and last time we enquired was about 30% below Blackmoor's rates. I...
  2. Z

    Wanted: Syndicate place, Hampshire

    On the off chance, does anyone know of any syndicate places or small leases available in or around Hampshire? I've been pipped to the post on two syndicate places in the last six months (old member returning and brother of main leaseholder joining) and I am really hoping for third time lucky...
  3. M

    Looking for syndicate / shooting

    Hi I have recently moved to Hampshire from the North East and looking to join a syndicate shoot. I also can offer pest control services, (as expected) fully licensed and insured complete with 4x4 and dog! If anyone knows of any opportunities to join syndicates or places going on shoot days...
  4. M

    I'd rather be out shooting

    Hi all, Trying to navigate though the new world of cyber meet and greet and throwing a line out to anyone that might be able able to help... :lol: Last year I returned back to the glorious rolling hillsides of Hampshire, after a 5 year stint in dry dusty Australia and I'm looking to meet...
  5. Z

    Wanted: Hampshire syndicate/stalking

    Hi all, Now that we've finally bought a house and we know where we'll be for the foreseeable future, I'm keen to find some local stalking rather than flogging all over the country. Really don't want to muscle in on anyone's parade but if you've got some ground and you'd like to share costs...
  6. B

    Introductions - new member in Romsey area

    Hi Everyone I'm very new to stalking, been going out for about a year now, as an observer with an experienced stalking team, booked onto a DCS1 in April have a deposit down on a Tikka t3 hunter stainless 6.5x55 with a fixed power scope? maybe? I am a horticulturalist and work in a large botanic...
  7. V

    Available: Roe, Fallow and Muntjac Stalking in North Hampshire

    Venantium Sporting looks after and manages 3,800 acres of ground in North Hampshire. We are able to offer stalking for Roe, Fallow and Muntjac. For further info please email Richard at info@venantium.com.
  8. R

    New Stalker

    Hi all i live in East Hampshire and am looking for a stalker to take me under there wing. I am interested in learning all there is , and i hunt for the pot and to help with any culling. I have been on three stalks in north Dorset after Roe and Sika and am looking for more instruction, can any...