1. M12 safety vs manual cocking lever

    Hi all, I'm looking for a more weatherproof setup and have settled (on paper, at least) on the M12 Impact Black in 0.308. Has anyone tried the difference between the M12 with the normal safety vs the M12 with the manual cocking lever (which looks identical as far as I can work out). I'm based...
  2. Sold: Pacific Durachrome 8mm Mau FL Sizing F & Seating F DIes

    Boxed set of 8mm MAU Dies FL Sizing Die F Seating Die F Comes with (bent) decapping pin and Allen key to lock off adjustable rings Used but in good shape £15 collected Herts or £20 posted D
  3. Mauser M12 Extreme muzzle cap

    Hi, looking for a muzzle cap for my Mauser M12 Extreme .300 win mag. Does anyone one have any suggestions where I can buy one? cheers
  4. Gunstock Suppliers for Floorplate K98

    Hi all, Interested in upgrading my rifle in the not-so-distant future, could anyone suggest somewhere to source a K98 Floorplate stock? I was looking at Boyd's but would prefer to source from the UK if possible Also, as far as I have managed to read there is not an awful lot of variation in...
  5. Mauser M18/12 243

    Hi everyone. Looking for some thoughts, experiences and feedback from owners or users of the Mauser M18/12 in 243. I own several cz rifles in different calibres and plan on sticking with them until they eventually shoot out. What's the quality, accuracy and ergonomics like for the Mauser...
  6. Mauser vs Sako

    Quick straw pole on 2 rifles and I'm considering in 30-06 Mauser M12 Impact vs Sako 85 S/S Which one would people go for and why? Thanks!
  7. Mauser M12"S"?

    Hi all, Has anyone else heard about a new version of the M12 coming out soon? I'm told that it might be called the M12"S" (think that they must have been looking at the iPhone names)! Safety flag will be different (manual cocking lever) and I'm told that the metalwork on the Impact might be...
  8. Mauser M03 or M12

    I have an open slot on my certificate for a 6.5 x 55 but I cant make up my mind what to get. I had come up with a list of requirements and nice to have features. Which has narrowed the list of what is available. Requirement: Manual cocking system Adjustable comb height Short barrel (20"...
  9. Switch barrel rifles

    Hi all, I've been researching my next rifle, which is always exciting. I would like a switch barrel bolt action e.g. Sauer 202, etc. that packs into a case with detachable/changeable scope. To date I've used 308 for everything but I now have a slot for a 243 on my ticket for smaller species...