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Leica Amplus 6


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Hi all,

I've been researching my next rifle, which is always exciting. I would like a switch barrel bolt action e.g. Sauer 202, etc. that packs into a case with detachable/changeable scope. To date I've used 308 for everything but I now have a slot for a 243 on my ticket for smaller species. This could also change to 25-06. I'd get a second barrel for the bigger stuff e.g. boar/larger deer and maybe African plains game.

So far on my list of possibles are:

2nd hand:
Sauer 202
Older Sauers
Heym 20/21

Sauer 404 will probably be too expensive for me.
Mauser M03

Are there any obvious ones that I'm missing? I've searched but couldn't find a comprehensive list anywhere.

All best,



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The obvious exclusion in your list is the excellent straight pull Blaser rifle, either the R93 or the updated R8. Either is not cheap though.

ben burgess

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I have just gone this very route, Blaser r93 with a 30-06 and 243 barrel. A very handy tool to shoot with. I tried a couple of your options but the Blaser worked best for me. Good luck choosing, not a bad situation to be in!!

boar & deer

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I may have a swiss arms shr 970 delux for sale that migh suit you its in 25 06 and 30 06 they were made by sauer ?


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Why not a 2nd hand Mauser M03 rather than a new one ?

Ive got an M03 extreme and it's fantastic to use , the stock is grippy with the rubber and just feels really nice

it returns to zero each and everytime

id mid choose the Mauser over a blaser everytime but that's only because I prefer a turn bolt rather than straight pull


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I may have a swiss arms shr 970 delux for sale that migh suit you its in 25 06 and 30 06 they were made by sauer ?

I nearly bought one of those when I bought a Winchester Mod 70 270 I didn't get on with instead. I always wish I had bought it, more so when taking a full length rifle on the train!


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The new'ish Shultz & Larsen range is very interesting & not too pricey...check them out at Alan Rhone, Wrexham.
Personally, I would never part with my Blaser.
Have fun.


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Have a look at the Merkel Helix range too.

I currently use this in 9.3 x 62 for driven boar, but they have an enormous range of barrel options.

It's excellent for traveling with. I just remove the stock, but Orion on here has found a smaller case, and removes the barrel too. If he sees this, I'm sure he'll post a picture.

Speak to Erwin at Alan Rhone for removable mount options.

I looked the Shultz & Larsen rifles when I was there, and they are very well made, but just a little heavy for me, for driven.


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Rossler Titan is another one, chapius challenger is another (although discontinued). At this point I must say there are takedowns, then there are switchbarrels and then there are take down switchbarrels. I'd make sure you check how easy it actually is to take down and switch. Because needing a gun vice on the back of a SUV utility for a accuracy international may not be everyone's cup of tea.


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Blaser are the benchmark and should be top of the list, unless you really don't like them - which is fine - not every one does.

In terms of new and second hand availability, stock options, ease of barrel change etc, Blaser is where its at.

In some ways a Sauer 202 is a nicer rifle, but it's harder to change calibre's you need a different bolt for a 243 and 308 - which is weird, magazines also are expensive and need changed for long and short action rounds. Blaser magazines come free with the barrel.


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I have a Sauer and Blasers. The Sauer is not really a reliable switch barrel as the sight is mounted on the receiver and I would want to check zero after a calibre change. It is however very convenient to just take the stock off making it a really easy takedown with no loss of zero. Blaser on the other hand has a barrel mounted sight, which does stay on zero if you take it off. I have found some variation between stocks but not much. The MO3 seems about the same as the Blaser.


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This is brilliant. Thanks to you all - I am extremely grateful.

A standard turn bolt action would have been my preference over a straight pull which has been half the dilemma - as everyone has said, the straight pulls, especially Blasers, do seem to be very reliable as true switch barrels with the Sauers, etc. just lagging a little in terms of repeatability. This seems odd to my mind as larger bolt lugs rotating into a barrel should be more accurate but the evidence does seem to favour quality straight pulls.

Schultz and Larsen looked like the firm favourite until I realised that they only have a three round mag capacity (3+1) unless you get the extended mag which is quite expensive and not hugely attractive. The team at Alan Rhone have been enormously helpful on this incidentally. Top marks for advice and customer service. If this were a four round standard mag without a bit poking out of the bottom of the stock, it would be on order. Many people won't need four rounds + of course but for the hinds, I find that I often need four or five rounds in swift succession.

It looks like I've got a lot more research to do over the next couple of weeks on the models raised in this thread. I will keep you all updated.

Heym SR20

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A vote for the Heym SR20 / SR21, although prefer the former. Not a switch barrel, although with the SR21 the receiver and barrel are all one piece and can easily be switch for another calibre, but still using the same stock, trigger, floor plate etc.

The SR20 is a traditional rifle. Can easily be broken down by just undoing the two action screws so you then have a 28" long package - can fit into a shotgun length case. They are pillar bedded so when you reassemble - takes all a minute or so with a turnscrew, it should be back where it was, although sensible to a test sighting shot. I have taken my SR20 apart several times, both for transport and cleaning after a wet day on the hill. Its been bang on zero when I have rechecked.

The SR20 has a fixed magazine with opening floor plate that takes five rounds in two stacks, the SR21 has a single stack detachable mag that just takes three rounds. I like fixed magazines.


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Are they still making the take-down version?

I was with Erwin at Alan Rhone in November, where he showed me some excellent variable weight Shultz & Larsen rifles. Good wood stocks, fluted barrels and a variety of take down versions. Excellent scope mounting systems too.
Good stuff if you don't already have a Blaser!


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I got Mauser M03 about 2 years ago, and would not change it. Keeps 0 perfect with quick release mounts, has a good size mag, and no miss fires relating to hasty bolt closing as on straight pulls. Also good for more heavy clambers as slightly heavier.
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