1. New to stalking what scope

    I have a variation in for a 6.5 Creedmoor. Am starting to look at what scopes to get, will use it for stalking mostly I should think although not in a hurry to buy. A lot of discussion about getting one of the big three brands if possible. Looking at various stats light transmission etc, the...

    HI all Im just looking to see if anyone has experience with the night force NXS scopes, and or can give me some advice. My father has one as well as me and he fell into the foxing seat and hit the scope hard , subsequently when he re zeroed it was out, when trying to correct it he has run out...
  3. Leupold vx -3L 4.5 -14x50 some stupid questions please help!!!!

    Hi guys Some stupid questions regarding these scopes, firstly I'm new to stalking and have yet to purchase my first rifle. I'm looking at a tikka T3 6.5x55 and I'm really keen on this style of scope as all of the estate rifles I've borrow I've found that I'm stretching to look down the scope in...
  4. Swarovski vs Sightron opinions ?

    hi guys im just about to buy a new better magnification scope with illuminated reticle and im looking for some experienced advice and an answer please is swaro z6i really worth £1000 more than the equivalent Sightron scope with illumination and same magnification ??? thanks in advance guys
  5. Help buying first scope needed!!

    I am looking to buy my first rifle and along with it my first scope I have put off buying a rifle for a couple of years for all sorts of reasons but have now decided to take the plunge and I have to admit that as much as i love shooting with rifles i actually don't know a lot about scopes and...
  6. Good Afternoon Everybody

    Good afternoon (depending on what time you are reading this) I am Tom, i am 26 and i have been shooting both rifles and shotguns from an early age. Unlike most right handed people i have a LEFT master eye so therefore taught my self to shoot off my left shoulder with both rifle and shotgun...
  7. Leupold VX-R Firedot Scopes - any good?

    Just seen these and they look a similar spec to some of the german scopes that are twice the price... does anyone know if they're any good?
  8. Buying scopes in America

    Hi everyone, My wife is going to New York next month on business and I happened to stumble across a gun store online which is just down the road from where she is staying. Does anyone know if she can buy a scope for me and bring it home in her suitcase? I am not after any illuminated reticle or...
  9. Nikko stirling gold crown 4 x 40 angle scope

    Hi Guys Any help? Brother has this scope on air rifle, having trouble adjusting vertical cross hair, shooting 2 inch high with tight grouping. Any idea why it does not seem to adjust down at all, threads work fine and scope in excellent condition. Cheers Auld Blair :(