500 NE Double.... but which one???

Heym SR20

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With a big bore double you have pretty much two choices to make:

1) To go with a traditional British built rifle from one of the traditional makers - Westly Rihcards, Holland & Holland, Jeffery etc etc. Here I would be looking in the auctions and speak with the likes of Buy guns from vintage guns, J Roberts & Son, Holland and Holland, Francis Lovell etc. I would concentrate on finding one in good condition, that is tight on face, with good bores and that fits well. I would n't worry too much about calibre per se, rather go for quality of the gun. I doubt there is much difference between a 470 or 500 etc. And make sure you can also get or at least component parts of the ammo. I would then worry about getting the appropriate variation etc.

2) Have a new rifle - Verny Carron and Chapuis are French, Heym, Kreighoff are German, or Zoli are Italian. I would go straight to the manufacturer to start off with. Indeed if I was going to have a rifle built and spending a few thousand that's what I would do as in the UK there will be few who really understand the intricacies of big bore double rifles.

I too am left handed, but suspect that like me, you are totally happy shooting a normal double shotgun where push the top lever away with your thumb. Most important is how it is stocked and its pretty easy to have the stock on guns bent at least straight, or slightly cast on.