7mm-08 Sako A2 Project

Leica Amplus 6
Some time ago I purchased a Sako A2 from Holts that had a heavy stainless barrel and sat in either a synthetic Bell and Carlson or Mcmillan stock. The action and stock had seen better days but the barrel bore scoped was like new and it shot half inch with 139gr Hornady sst. Not bad for £200...

I originally got the spigot thread removed and had the barrel cut down to 20.5" with 5/8 UNF thread and did a camo spray job and it sat that way for a while. I later decided to take it back to its late 70s roots...

I had the barrel profiled slimmer by Wildcat precision and threaded in 1/2 UNEF to suit a Forester stock I had purchased from a gentleman on this site.

I had the newly slimmed barrel, action, bolt handle, bolt shround, bottom metal and rings and bases cerakoted in midnight blue. As well as having the bolt polished, all by Spartan.

Although the stock at some point had been refinished, I wanted to take it a step further and make it more original. The refinish previous had removed the colouring of the forend end cap and grip end cap. I stripped these back and stained them much darker and added white paint as banding to the forest cap. I took back some wood around the safety, so it would function.

I then bedded the stock using a mix of acraglas and atomised stainless steel and cleaned it up. I then oiled and waxed the barrel channel and inlet and gave the stock two light layers of true oil, in a week I will condition to give a satin finish and add a layer or two of wax.

I adjusted the trigger down to 2.5lbs and didn't want to tempt fate with trying any lower and locktited the grub screw and outer nut just incase.

Stock action screws at 42lbs torque with locktite, base screws to receiver at 45 lbs torque with loctite and scope in rings at 20lbs with loctite.

Moderator is a Wildcat Evolution with the special edition (non dalek effect) pattern on the outer tube.

Scope is an Element Helix while the Swarovski is at service (I expect for many months..), the reviews seems stunning for what seems like a quality and attractive budget scope.

Fox copper 130grain arrive tomorrow to try.

I'm very happy with the projects completion.


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That looks lovely I would of kept my original on my 243 but unfortunately Cambridgeshire police didn't treat it very well in there store and upset me every time i see the drutality that it had acured. So I have the camo fox slayer now and happy with it IMG-20210320-WA0004.jpeg IMG-20210320-WA0002.jpeg


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I think alot of people under rate the sako a2, groups are better than alot of new rifles now. i own a 308 and a 243. It did take me 5 years to find a good 308 though.


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I am reminded that when I bought the rifle it was a stutzen and I then modified the forend and subsequently sold that stock and then restocked the rifle to suit me.
The point of this post is that I still have the stutzen part of the original stock (with metalwork) to which anyone on SD is welcome on payment of postage - first come first served. I will put it in Classified under Firearms Components
Pictures attached. IMG_20210421_094617759.jpg IMG_20210421_094603285.jpg IMG_20210421_094603285.jpg IMG_20210421_094551340.jpg
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