Vacancy: A new life in USA Cafe for sale


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Ok thanks for looking this is opportunity to purchase a small Cafe in North America in the forth largest state.
Please read description.
Genuine offer and a life changing chance to own and run a Small Cafe with Hunting/fishing available over cast tracks of land.....for free!

Business running your own Cafe in North America.Montana is the Forth largest State in USA.
You the have chance to buy outright a Cafe in a small close knit community.
Ideally you will be trained Chef/Cook and ready to get out of the "Rat Race" and ready to make a good living in USA.
This would suit couple with children( school is very close may be 800 meters)
Hard work but the folks are good honest people and very loyal.
Fast food is the norm out here but there is great opportunity to bring some good old fashioned English meals to the town.
There is oil pipeline planned in the next couple of years and then the town will hit a boom time.
There are two Hotels/Motels and three camp grounds.
The estimates are that over 100 workers will be staying during this work, all needing breakfast,Dinner and supper.
The next nearest towns are about 40 miles East and West with dozens of farms/ranches in-between.
The Cafe is ready to go as from 1st feb 2020.
I have many contacts in the town and the surrounding area and would be happy to help with finding accommodation to either buy or rent.
This is once in lifetime chance to do something totally different for few years and meet some great folk.
Hunters and fishermen will make up a lot of your customers so you do need to be tolerant of all aspects of hunting/fishing.
The town has small supermarket, three petrol stations,Hardware store,repair shops,Bank,Post office,Library,Sheriffs office, County Court, Museum, Two Bars and lots of other shops.
You would need some sort of work card to make this happen but I would help to find just what was needed.

Nearest Airport is about 45 miles this is shuttle type to the larger Airport 180 miles away.
Normally the flights take just over 17 hours back to UK.
Please email for more information.
We did plan to run it but we both are now coming up to retiring age and feel this is for someone much younger!
We own outright the tital deeds to this property.
Please pm for more details and insight into the offer.

Price for Cafe is £75,000

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We visited the cafe several times a year ago didn't we @big ears !
Great food and staff, it always had a trickle of customers, locals and hunters kept it busy.
If I were younger I would be interested.
Maybe advertise on the fly fishing forums as well?
All the best with the sale.

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Wow great memories of this place. Place to warm up and get fed after a morning hunting in freezing temperatures. As Richard says if I was younger....