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Below are the courses available for the rest of the year. Next years dates swill be announced before the start of 2019.

IDC = Intermediate Deer Course (Get culling experience before doing your DSC 2)
DSC 1 = Deer Stalking Certificate 1
C&B = Carcass and Butchery course
BMCR = Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading course

CourseStart DateEnd datePlaces Left
IDC Baronscourt02/11/201803/11/2018FULL
Ladies Carcass & Butchery03/11/201803/11/20186
DSC1 Wadhurst08/11/201811/11/20181
IDC Baronscourt09/11/201810/11/2018FULL
C&B Knepp Est Horsham14/11/201814/11/2018FULL
C&B Thoresby Newark14/11/201814/11/20186
DSC1 Thoresby15/11/201818/11/2018FULL
IDC Knepp Estate, Horsham15/11/201816/11/2018FULL
C&B Longparish, Hampshire21/11/201821/11/2018FULL
C&B Rhos on Sea Colwyn24/11/201824/11/2018FULL
IDC Thoresby29/11/201830/11/2018FULL
DSC1 Essex SS30/11/201803/12/2018FULL
C&B Baronscourt Estate08/12/201808/12/20183
BMCR - NI Office, Lisburn09/12/201809/12/20182
DSC1 Baronscourt Estate22/02/201925/02/201919

Booking can be done online on the BASC website or call the office on 01244573018 for further assistance

Many thanks, Peter
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