BDS West Range Day. Monmouth and District Rifle Club, Railway Tunnel Range. 27. January 2019


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Range open 10:00-16:00.


  • The charge per BDS Member shooting is £10 (cash only)
  • BASC and members of other organisations that have a rifle club status £15:00
  • Bring your valid FAC. No shooting without!!!
  • Larger (legal…) calibres permitted
  • Bring your own paper targets.
  • Please keep rifles in slips when not in use on the firing point
  • No muzzle brakes are to be used….we will arrange firing details so those without moderators fire at the same time
  • Ear defenders are compulsory. Safety glasses recommended.
  • Four lanes are available.
  • Some rifle supports are available but if possible bring your own.
  • Two spotting scopes are available.
  • There is a cabin where ear protection is not required, tea and coffee making facilities available.
  • No ammunition or rifles are available so please bring your own.

Monmouth & District Rifle Club, By the recycling centre at Mitchell Troy, Monmouth, NP25 4HX:
At the main traffic lights on the A40 in Monmouth, go straight on if travelling from M5 direction, or turn left if travelling from the Forest of Dean. Go towards the road tunnel but turn left 100m before tunnel. Travel 400m to ‘T’ junction, turn left, follow road round R/H bend. 100m after bend turn right into the Troy Council yard. Gates to yard will be closed but unlocked. Park in yard but if full follow directions to the car park at the rear of the green corrugated building. DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE GREEN BUILDING DOORS OR BLOCK ACCESS TO OTHER BUILDINGS.

Contact/ notify
John Errington
Secretary, BDS West


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Just out of curiosity and not wishing to stir things in any way but why does it say above - "BASC and members of other organisations that have a rifle club status"

What additional benefit does the membership of a rifle club offer in this case where the BDS West branch is hiring the range from Monmouth rifle club?
Wouldn't it simply be sufficient for any shooter attending to demonstrate that they have the required FAC, after all they will be shooting as guests of the BDS whose insurance is the relevant one. (Ideally all shooters will have their own insurance anyway, they would be bloody stupid and reckless to not have.)

P.S. I do know that both BASC and the BDS are regarded as H.O. approved rifle clubs, and that most of the other shooting organisations are not (not sure about the NGO).


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I will ask.

I presumed it was for reasons of reciprocal cover between clubs. So any liability incurred would not fall exclusively on to the BDS insurers?

And of course reciprocal courtesy between rifle clubs...


p.s. thinking about it a bit more, that may have been my wording added in to the original BDS member's email flier...I may well have mistakenly paraphrased what I was told to say.... :(
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Alan I was thinking that perhaps it was just something that may have been copied and pasted?

Personally I wouldn't have thought that any other rifle club's insurance would have been extended to any shoot organised by another club or the BDS unless that member was actually shooting in connection with club activities (i.e. a club team for example).

If you are having problems with low attendance wouldn't opening it up to other guests provided they have the necessary personal FAC and insurance make these days more viable?


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I have asked.

I just looked at the original BDS member's email and that confirms that I added the BASC line in...I do remember chatting on the telephone about including BASC members for the public (SD) announcement, but I may have got it round my neck.

I was grasping for straws with my insurance insurers get together and apportion liability for the same collision/event...I was thinking maybe it would work that way.



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I have been told it was probably introduced originally to limit the number of guest organisations.

You are correct the the BDS insurance covers all shooters.

I have asked for it to be added to the agenda for the next meeting to maybe open up as you suggest.

Phew...just glad I hadn't actually screwed up and added it incorrectly!