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Does anyone have a method of contacting this shambles of a supplier, I have been trying to contact Browning UK for some time - no-one answers their telephone (number given in latest edition of Rifle Shooter magazine), I have tried emailing and Facebook contact ........zilch - absolutely brilliant customer non-service.

I appeal the SD massif if anyone has a contact number/ email for them.

I am trying to get a Maral high capacity magazine as advertised in their 2016 brochure and seems to be on sale in Australia, (they also advertise hens teeth I believe).


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I dont have a direct number for them but you could try Bookham Guns?

They are a Browning supplier and might be able to help you out getting the part you're after. They are closed at the moment until the 26th of September though, so this week and next, but are open on the 17th and 24th during that period.

Hope thats of some help!


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Tony is this of any interest to you

The problem with Browning U.K. (BWM) as I understand it is that the company is only a marketing/distribution company owned by another marketing company and is not directly linked to Browning the manufacturer. So typical of most importers/ distributors in this country they often don't support the complete catalogue inventory but merely supply what they know will turn over relatively quickly which can be annoying.
Personally I would love them to import and distribute the Winchester line of bullets that they used to years ago but they only seem interested in ammunition.
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BWM are the main UK distrubuters and they carry a good range but are trade only so they will not sell you the mag. The best best bet is to get down to your local RFD and get them to order it.


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BWM are useless at customer service. I had a problem with a C2G shotgun I had and they never replied to me. I called Leige and they were as helpful as possible.


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Not any help but same here - they are local to me so wandered by to ask a question or 2 - they advised contact Browning US as they will be able to answer (even they directed to EU!)........

As suggested probably better to try Browning.EU



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So they are no better than GMK / Beretta. Shame on them. Thanks or letting me know. But Holland and Holland had a mates rifle back and managed to break the stock. Repaired same but it's is not free floating. Custom or factory take your chance and if it works don't fix it. My 2001 tikka 595 in 30.6 is still brilliant.


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Well thanks for the varied advice, I rang browning in Belgium and explained problem, they took my number and 15 minutes later a very helpful guy from Browning UK rang me and explained what was going on, magazine still not available but at least I know what's happening and why...... They are just late in production, should have been here in June.