Bullet Placement on Wild Boar

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Where on a Wild Boar is the best place for bullet placement for a quick and clean kill. Looking at pictures of the anatomy compared to a deer, the spine seems to be only half way up, thus you need the bullet to go in the lower half of the body - just behind the arm pit seems about correct.

But welcome view from those who have shot many and are not virgins at wild boar.


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Head shots are different in my opinion to other species of mammals as they have a large jaw section and small brain area , if you get chance have a look at a skull of one , I have head shot them when everything is right but mostly would put a 30 06 through high shoulder , I have shot a few and am by no means experienced as most boar shooters so interested to hear there views !


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Theres quite a few online diagrams about shot placement on boar, generally if stalking or ambushing from a high seat at a feeder where there is plenty of time you can pick. they have a small brain though.
I always try to aim for the armpit/elbow area. or just in front of, even if the boar is stopped (heart and lung shot). that way I know it should be easy to track due to a large blood trail. they shouldn't go too far (depending on terrain) and they will have bled properly by the time you find them. you could get lucky and hit the spine or be unlucky and hit him in the gut where you will never see it again and it will die in some hole far away... though they can heal if its not in a critical spot.
Wild Hog Anomaly Head shot fail - YouTube
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Briefing when I shot boar in France was high shoulder.

I think a decent heavy bullet anywhere in the front 3rd should do the job.


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My first ever boar was shot with a 12 bore, sauvestre slug. It was hit low and just behind the elbow, not a perfect shot but I had no real time to aim as it was all very fast up close and personal from about 1 or 2 m distance and getting dark very fast. I just managed to puncture a lung and the hydraulic shock damaged the heart. it bled out in 80m though my first impression was that I had somehow missed
I have since lost a few due to hitting centre of mass(ish). (its not always possible to get a perfect aim when they are bolting from the dogs and speeding through brush) But all the felled boar have been from shots hitting forward of the armpit. one did get up again after getting hit too far forward (behind the head), but was dispatched with a second shot.
If you look at some good diagrams anywhere in the area of the front leg is good.
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Yep Martin, it kills them with a heart shot but they can run a long way before dropping. With the two thirds shot it breaks the spine and they drop on the spot. Not keen on finding boar at night with the dog :D.
Mine usually run off in a semi circle about 100m until they hit the woods edge then drop 3-4 m inside the woods, they were dead when they ran off but did not know it.


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Generally the are quartering away when I take the shot. Good penetration is needed especially if the are covered in dry mud which provides even more resistance. I never use anything less than 175gr and aim to land behind the shoulder.