Electronic Ear defenders for range use. Suggestions?


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Surprisingly this doesn't show up if I do a subject search.

I have brought so many sets of these things over the years and all failed in one way or other.
For range use only. So size etc. is not an issue.
So any suggestions ?

I would like them to be:
Comforable for long use
Robust. So the strap won't break and gouge my scalp... again.
Reliable long term.
Shell type, not in-ear.
Not have an air seal and suck at your ear drums!
Easy to chnage batteries, without having to peel all the foams off, use a screwdriver etc.
Long battery life.
Reasoanly protected controls, that won't get turned onn in the range box, or messed up by contact with a stock, or your jakcet collar.
Soft cushions that will form around wearing glasses

OK, I may only be able to tick a few of these boxes, but you never know.


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I need some new ones and am contemplating the Swatcom Deben Slim electronics. No wires and take a battery (easy to install) in each ear which work independently of one another, so volume can be set on each. No wires to break in the over head band thingy either.

I am not sure if they will be any better than the MSA's in terms of their ability to stand up to the rigours of being accidentally run over by a car :banghead::banghead::banghead:


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I had a set of Deben ones, looking like the Ds4120 that I just googled.
Those were the ones where the headband snapped where theearpiece yoke attaches, and gouged me.
I've seen someone else on the range with a pair, with a big wad of some sort of resin around this area. Looks like his failed too.

Not saying all of them have that weakness, just those with that type of headband.


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MSA Sordins, expensive but well worth the money imho. My missus has the Deben and they are truly awful in comparison. In this case you get what you pay for.
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Any particular reason not to have in-ear ones? You will get a higher SNR rating (Max 38dB) with either the 3M Peltor LEP 100 or 200 than with virtually anything else whether fitted in or shell type. I use a foam tip which is rated at 36dB.

Though even with those though I double up and wear over-ear muffs as well if someone turns up with a muzzle break. I always used to double up with passive plugs before I had the LEPs.

Apart from the higher SNR rating over virtually every other muffs or in-ear plugs, one other big advantage at the range is that I can put them in at the start of a session and then take them out when I leave...at no time do I need to take them off, even when chatting during "Forward, Score and Patching" so am never caught out by inadvertently omitting to replace the muffs which one witnesses quite often at the range.

They tick and will outperform every one of your boxes apart from your "shell type" requirement...they haven't sucked out my eardrums yet, but they are effective because they seal well.

Much more convenient for shooting...no clash with either the stock or your glasses.




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Have had both MSA sordins and currently have the peloton comtac. Both excellent. The msa may have been slightly better in terms of sound reduction but didn’t have all the functions I now require.


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Even normal ear plugs I struggle with.
Foam plugs are not "on size fits all" which is why they are available in a range of sizes and also "stiffness" of foam. I know this is somewhat of an aside to the question (I use the 3M LEP-100s) but having some foam plugs that fit is always handy as they can go in a pocket etc. in case you forget your normal protection plus there are times when maybe they are ideal for the job at hand. With that in mind get one of the trial packs from these people and test the various sizes and types until you get something that suits you, then you can order up a supply of them:



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MSA Sordin. Well worth the extra investment and you'll be glad you did years down the line. They also now have Bluetooth options for those that want it.


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I have the MSA Sorbins Supreme Pro X, have had a pair for 9 years. the warrantee is for 5 years and when they died this year after 8 years (of a lot of abuse over the foreshore and ranges) were repaired for 60 quid. internals i think are all new! I would defo recommend these

looked at the swatcom and think they may well made in same factory. don't know about their warrantee and they have brought out a waterproof set.


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That is excellent service, but I think the MSA Sordin Pro X NRR is only 18db
Peltor Pro Tac II is NRR 32 db and the III also has a NRR 32 db version
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I too have the Howard Leight Impact Sport. They don't cost the earth. Batteries are easy to change and last a good length of time. The last set lasted a whole summer of clay competitions, several range days and zeroing sessions, plus a whole season of game shooting days. I find them comfy, (admittedly I always wear them over a baseball cap or a flat cap,) esy enough to use, and are slim enough not to foul the stock either on a shotgun or a rifle.


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Just bought a pair of Peltor sporttacs myself as they seemed like a reasonable balance of cost, quality and performance.

So far so good and I'm happy with them. Was interested in the Peltor LEPs but could not justify the cost.


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Just bought a pair of Peltor sporttacs myself as they seemed like a reasonable balance of cost, quality and performance.

So far so good and I'm happy with them. Was interested in the Peltor LEPs but could not justify the cost.
I have also recently added sporttacs to my stable of electronic ear defenders and have been very happy, much better fit than any of the others I have and far better sound control, with instant on/off when shots fired.