Electronic Ear defenders for range use. Suggestions?


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I have also recently added sporttacs to my stable of electronic ear defenders and have been very happy, much better fit than any of the others I have and far better sound control, with instant on/off when shots fired.
Yes I've noticed the sound cut out is so seamless you don't really realise it is happening.

I also like the fact its easy to get new foam and seals when the time arises.
I too have the Howard Leight Impact Sport. They don't cost the earth. Batteries are easy to change and last a good length of time. The last set lasted a whole summer of clay competitions, several range days and zeroing sessions, plus a whole season of game shooting days. I find them comfy, (admittedly I always wear them over a baseball cap or a flat cap,) esy enough to use, and are slim enough not to foul the stock either on a shotgun or a rifle.
I also have a pair of these and also find that they do the job very nicely.


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Cheers chaps.
Plumped for the Peltor Sporttacs too.

The in ear ones I would have to have custom made. Would loose at least one within a week and, just yuck.... On the few occasions that I've used the foam earplugs, they go straight in the bin!
(Though I did once put a few in some primed 38 cases and we shot them. Not sure I liked THAT bullet lube.)