Hi I'm Martyn

Evening All

I'm Martyn

I've been shooting for a number of years now and have a few permissions on which I take care of the usual range of pests near home in Central Bedfordshire and am happy to take on some more.

I shoot a range of rifles including .17hmr, 22-250Rem, 243Win, 257WM, 270Win, 303Brit, 300WM, .44cal black powder pistols, shotguns and .45cal BP rifles and the occasional foray with an air rifle where needs must.

I'm a keen re-loader and do roll all my own and some for good friends as well.

I enjoy game and target shooting and do enjoy the challenge of getting all black and powdery as well.

I do a few stalks afield each year to see foreign lands, my next being to Devon and Dorset for Roe, my last for Fallow in the same area, I want to do one in Norfolk this year as well if time permits.

I'm planning a trip to Romania for Boar late 2015/early 2016 if anyone's interested please be in touch, this isn't commercial just a bit of fun.

Please feel free to PM me especially if you think you might be nearby.