So just started here today and for some reason the password ive entered wont work on my phone now so no access on it.
Thought ok go on the laptop and I have access as its saved the details so I thought just change the password and no it wont recognise the original password so cant change it .
Can admin or anyone do anything here?


Thanks CSL
So if I'm logged in on my laptop then that would stop me on the phone?
I hit stay logged in on the laptop when I went on it yesterday as I couldn't see the phone in the sun but don't want to log out for obvious reasons at the moment.


Site Staff
It treats devices entirely separately until such a time when you change the password (i.e. receive an email checking that it’s you and if so click it!)... at that time I think I’m right in saying it would log out all devices. If you do end up logged out you can always send us an email if you are really stuck: