RWS Z lang .22lr


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Has anyone tried using RWS Z lang .22lr ammo? they are similar to the CCI cb longs? but are told they are abit more consistent and accurate?


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I've used both...but maybe three decades ago! At no more than twenty yards range.

From memory in my rifle, a BSA Martini, there was no accuracy difference.

The good bit:

In a LONG barrel rifle the powder is all burned. The report is quieter than a springer air rifle.

So, re the above, you get low noise shooting without need for any moderator.

They hit the target like a hammer. Again far more power than any s1 air rifle.

The bad bit:

It a solid bullet. It doesn't expand. It shoots clean through a squirrel.

It has ZERO "stopping" power and IMHO was less effective at "stopping" body shot squirrels than did my standard 12 ft/lbs BSA Airsporter Mk I .22 with Eley Wasp pellets.

So to sum up it's good for short range vermin IF you use well placed head shots NOT body shots.

Yes, it saves you buying a s1 air rifle, or indeed a 12 ft/lbs air rifle but it does kill any better and what I experienced not in fact as well.

Would I use the OP's combination a Z Lang or CB Long for garden squirrels, magpies, pigeons at twenty yard ranges?

No I'd use what I do now a 12 ft/lbs BSA .22 Scorpion T-10 PCP ten shot repeater air rifle.

Hope it helps. The ONLY benefit IMHO is it saves you buying a repeater, magazine, PCP or single shot springer air rifle.

But with that benefit is the handicap that it is a solid non-expanding bullet so it WILL shoot clean through.

Oh and it's not as accurate as a GOOD PCP air rifle...from memory.
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I use them all the time on magpies/crows usually off a known perching area at a measured 44 metres and they always drop to the shot, never had a runner yet. My understanding is that the cartridge was developed by RWS for basement target shooting at less than 10 metres range.
They cost strangely 8 Euros a pack in Germany and only 6 Euros a pack in Austria.
Never tried the CCIs though.


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Ive been using CB longs on and off for a while and had okish accuracy with a fair few flyers, taken a few rabbits round the farm yard. Just heard about the z lang range a wondered what peoples views are


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Yes the Cb longs have about as much power a 30ftlb fac air rifle , just not the downrange accuracy


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I've found rws z-langs to be much more accurate than cci CB longs. They are faster though, I chrono'd them at around 880fps if I remember right. All in all though, a good reduced velocity round. The best of its kind imo.