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Was wondering if I could quiz people on stag stalking in the highlands and general recommendations of estates ect?

I've had a few goes at the hinds over the years through invitation but never booked a day at the stags,(the estate I've been to don't let any days). Now I've spoken to a few stalkers recently and the going rate for the day seems to vary? What is generally accepted as a ball park price for the day?

I've done a fair bit of roe stalking and generally you pay a trophy fee on top of the outing fee. If I was to pay for a day on the hill, are there any estates that will generally let you shoot a decent head,(10 points up?). I'm not a die hard trophy hunter and appreciate shooting things like a switch is ideal. It is just that if I'm going to pay for a day, I'd rather go after something decent or just go for hinds instead if that makes sense?

What is the verdict on best time of year to go? I imagine the around now would be the most exciting but is it also harder as the stags are more scattered out? If you were to stalk one side of the rut or the other, which would be better?

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If you really want to, have a day or three on stags once. During the rut, now, is fantastic for the sounds & sights, but not a big challenge. Probably the best time to stalk stags is before the rut, early September. Less midgies & they aren't so single minded fixated on mating.

Stalking hinds for my money is far better value and a much bigger challenge. It's excellent for improving your field craft.


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Thank you for the reply! Any estates you would recommend? Is it generally a case of take what you're given or are there some places a better bet than others for a decent head? Always half thought about going down south for a big stag but would much rather take one off the hill.



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Try Glen Artney in Comrie, Perthshire for stags, they also still use ponies to bring them in, great experience and very photogenic, and times when ive been we have shot some very nice stags, and stalkers are good lads as well.
PM me if you want contact details.



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You could also take a look at Loch Choire, Corrour and Duchally....all in the Highlands.
I've not shot stags on these estates, but have shot hinds many times....mostly in more recent years at Loch Choire.
I've stalked in Sutherland for the last 21 years, always the first couple of weeks in September, just over the march from Loch Choire. As deeangeo says, at that time the stags are in bigger groups so more difficult to stalk into, but when you do it's exciting. I remember crawling in on the final stalk only to get the rifle up on the bipod and to then suddenly realise we were surrounded by stags. Heart-stopping stuff!

We pay around £400 per beast but then we take the lodge as well. We could doubtless pay less, but it's the whole experience that you're paying for, which in many cases is priceless. As the saying goes - you'll remember the day long after you've forgotten the price tag.

Some years I've shot good heads and some years switches - to be honest the trophy is almost incidental, other than as a reminder of a great day. One of the best stalks I've had was onto a beast with just one antler.


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My friends and I stalked hinds at Loch Choire from Nov. 2006 to Dec 2013 taking a week each year in Nov./Dec.
Beautiful estate and enjoyed some fantastic sport. The head stalker will likely still be there working now for new owners as the estate was recently sold. I can't imagine the new owner will not be allowing sporting lets.
Definitely worth a google and checking out what would be terrific sport.

The other estates I mention are both top notch and should be checked out. Corrour even has it's own railway station and Donald Rowantree is registered on SD. Stalked hinds there over a week in late Nov 2005 also enjoying a boat trip on Loch Treig to stalk up a steep hillside from the loch.
Corrour is primarily a stag forrest & hind stalking ceased for a few years after our trip there. I believe hinds are back on offer now though.
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