The Ivory Debacle


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Although a little long, I think it is a very well made film.
It has echoes of what is going on in Scotland with over population and habitat degradation.
Why shouldn't people be able to decide what to do with the local wildlife? We do.
Some of us make money from it or feed ourselves with it. When we then have a by product such as antlers we may sell them to whoever we choose.
Just because it is an elephant does it make a difference? Sell it to the highest bidder, put the money back into the local community.
They can police the poachers better as you are not going to let some kill your golden goose and get nothing in return.
As was said, give the ownership of those animals to the locals. Show them how to sell to local PH's. Show them what they can achieve with the revenue from hunting.
CITES needs a good kick up the ar$e and so do the American Wildlife and Fisheries. They are showing amazing short sightedness.