Wild Boar Fever


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Heads up if you want to watch any of the WBF videos (and others) for free.

Download the MyOutdoorsTV app for IOS or Android and sign up for the monthly subscription using the promo code SAUERWBF and you have a 30 day free trial period before any payment is requested.

All the videos can be downloaded but will presumably be locked in some way if you decide to cancel by the end of the trial - maybe?


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I already had a few of the WBF series from prior sources, so the opportunity to view the others was welcome. It’s quite noticeable how the production values have advanced over the course of the series, becoming slicker and more professional over time.

All well and good ............ until that is you arrive at the latest offering - WBF9 - which is in the form of 8 episodes, with the last 4 covering the hunting trip to Croatia. The others are meant to be informative and instructive but largely rehash previous WBFs and continually repeat scenes. Not to mention the continual flashing up of sponsors adverts - even more than a Team Wild video if that is possible?

Gone downhill fast IMO.