1. dmouland

    For Sale: 2 x MTM bore guides £20 the pair

    Private sale 2 x MTM bore guides. Size: BGR- S 40 £20 posted for the pair (one unboxed, one never opened.)
  2. E

    Cleaning New Dies Before Use

    Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked before, I have just purchased a set of reloading gear, and the Hornady dies I have bought recommend that they are cleaned before use to remove the anti rust coatings put on at the factory. This seems logical, but I don't fancy buying the recommended...
  3. A

    Cleaning my rifle

    Hi all, I am wanting to know if there is a top tip on which barrel cleaner to use for removing carbon deposits and copper fouling in my .243 Tikka? I bore snake usually after every outing and recently wanted to clean my barrel as my groupings arent the best recently. Ive been told a decent 1...
  4. Blaser6.5x55

    Rifle Cleaning Advice

    As a novice I would like some advice on rifle cleaning. I have on advice bought a bore snake for my 6.5x55 and my 17HMR My question is should I apply some gun oil to the barrel before cleaning or some on the snake or not at all. Also I would assume you pull the snake from the chamber to the...
  5. B

    .243 - to clean or not to clean?!

    I bought a browning xbolt in .243 last year (I've had a lot of problems with it!) - the latest was an inability to shoot a decent group... which I eventually worked out was due to the rifle being clean!!! I was told to always clean my .243 after shooting - I'm a deer stalker so it's all about...
  6. csl

    Overview - Preparing a Head/Trophy

    Since I was doing a couple of heads I thought I'd take the opportunity to take some photos of the process. As always, this is just the way I do it, there are plenty of folks on here who have been doing it a lot better and longer than me, so please chip in with suggestions etc. if you know a...
  7. B

    Cleaning an MAE T12?!??!

    I've got these on my two rimfires and .243 - the new one's are a sealed unit (non-strippable) - I've been using a squirt of WD40 but when I look inside the mods they're still pretty full up with gunk! I've heard of washing them with petrol (then drying them out), or using hot soapy water (then...