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    New office taking shape!

    Hi all We started the move into our new office today, and thought you may like to see a pic. Our brand new build will have heaps of office/sales space, a dedicated meeting room (our temporary office this week) and lots more storage space as well as our new warehouse which has been in use most...
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    Yukon Photon Review by Bob Mc Cole

    A customer of ours has posted his unbiased Review of the new Yukon Photon Digital Night Vision should you wish to have a read. Click here to read his review. Best Regards Paul
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    Guide Thermal Imager IR518 New Model

    Hello, One of our customers "Wildlife Stu" has been testing the new Guide Thermal in the field. Although he is shooting wildlife with a camera, instead of a rifle of course, the Guide video shows the features and performance on roe buck at extended ranges. Lots of output options for varying...
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    Yukon Photon 5x42 Digital Night Vision - Professional TV Demo video
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    Improvements to Pulsar Forward DFA75 - Pics and Video

    Hello all, As you know Pulsar have implemented a product enhancement program to the new Pulsar Forward DFA75 Front Mounted Digital Night Vision Riflescope Add-On and we recieved the new models into stock today, and have sold half the delivery already! Here are some of the highlights of the...
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    Yukon Photon Night Vision Update

    Hello all. We can now confirm that we have been informed that we are due to receive our first batch of 25 Yukon Photon Digital Night Vision riflescopes by the end of this month. So anyone with a pre-order (from the initial 25) will be getting a phone call very soon to take the balance payment...
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    Member Discount Voucher at Deerstalking Fair - Scott Country Stand

    Hello all, We would like to offer all Stalking Directory members, a discount off their purchases at the Scott Country stand at the Deerstalking Fair 23rd and 24th March. Please download and print out a copy of the voucher as it MUST be presented in person on the stand. If you are not able to...
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    Pulsar Forward DFA75 Night Vision Unboxing (pics)

    Hello, I have just unboxed the first production Pulsar DFA75 to arrive with us which will be our demo unit, and thought I would share the experience. The Pulsar DFA75, sealed in factory packaging Fantastic "Tactical style" case, which is super tough and a lovely add-on. Tactical case open...
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    Setting up the Pulsar Forward DFA75 on your riflescope.

    Hello all, Please find a useful easy to follow document for all new owners of Pulsar Forward DFA75, and potential purchasers. It may seem a touch complex in places, but in a practical sense the system works well and we are happy to help our customers as and when required if they need help with...
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    Sneak Peek at the new Nite Site Spotter Digital Night Vision

    Hello all, I know you all like seeing new things due to market, and I am privilaged to be able to try most new NV kit products before the come to market. Here is a Sneak Peek. Regards Paul
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    Pulsar Forward DFA75 Launch Date Confirmed (New Digital Front Mounted NV)

    Hello all We have had lots of enquiries regarding the new Pulsar Forward DFA75 Digital front mounted night vision solution. The Forward DFA75 is a digital night vision day scope adaptor add one, which is ideal for users with Stalking rifles and quality optics who do not wish to dedicate a...
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    Night Vision and Wildlife Camera Clearance Items

    Hello all We have some hand held night vision observation devices and wildlife cameras on clearance. 2011 models, all brand new and un-used, or un-used demo models. Click here for the Special Offer Newsletter Best Regards Scott Country Sporting goods, hunting gear and outdoor clothes from...
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    Shooting Sports Magazine: Pulsar Night Vision Review

    Hello all. Shooting Sports magazine have just reviewed the Pulsar Challenger GS DSA Night Vision kit in this months magazine. If you want to have a little read of their findings you can do so below. Of course NV is restricted for use for vermin control, but as a lot of the forum users do more...
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    Night Vision

    i have been reading the draft guidance to marksman in the proposed badger cull. i am not wanting to ignite a debate on the rights and wrongs of the cull, and would like some opinions regarding the use of Night Vision Scopes. The following paragraph is taken from the document: Image...
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    hi all as you may now be aware with my posts im new to this so i post questions for advice please dont think im thik;) but advice from you guys is more than likely better than i get from my local sources i recently bought an A bolt 22-250 browning and 8x56 S/B and T8 modorator and was wondering...