Wanted: DSC1 Newby looking for experience

New Avon Arms

ive had a bit of a negative response to this same request on FB, mainly from people with bad attitude & not a true reflection of the majority of people I have met in the sport to date. (I find any negativity a tad baffling, when new blood is always important in any industry). Anyway, you guys really helped me get on the right track early this year so am hoping to absorb more of your wisdom!

My situation is: I passed my DSC1 recently & am super keen to get some practical stalking/tactics under my belt.
I am happy to travel (just did my DSC1 in bonnie Scotland) but was hoping between trips far & wide to get some stalking in on a more local level. I run a very busy company & have a young family so needs to be fairly close, 1hr drive or so from my location (GU16). Would really appreciate it, even if it's just shadowing an experienced Stalker so I can observe/participate in the whole process. Obviously happy to pay too!

Can anyone recommend anyone to stalk with.... within an hours drive (any direction) of Camberley, Surrey. I don't have FAC or rifle yet so would require access to estate rifle. I'm really eager to learn all aspects of the sport. (Tactics/gralloching/management)

Thanks in advance
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