Federal Power Shok Copper


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Has anyone used Federal Power Shock .308 or in any caliber? Reviews are very thin on the ground.
If it’s the non toxic stuff Federal Vital Shok Trophy Copper 150gr .308, two of us tested it out over Xmas at an indoor range, bench rest at 100m and best group was about 2.5 inches but was usually about 3 to 4 inches. It could have been a bad batch or our rifles didn’t like it but we decided not to use it against live quarry because we couldn’t get it to group. The same day the normal leaded federal Powershok 150gr and Sako hammerhead 150gr were sub moa.
I had some a while ago and found its velocity drops quite a lot at longer ranges so you don't get expansion. I'd misranged a calf, shot through liver and it was as if I'd put a stick through it, no expansion at all. When I ranged back to my firing point it was about 270yd.
That's not good! I had some factory 130gn and 150gn Fox, zeroing them was like being in London during the blitz.