Meindl Quality Control

What should I do?

  • Write a strongly worded lettel to Meindl

    Votes: 3 5.6%
  • Return to HIS and ask for replacement

    Votes: 47 87.0%
  • Burn them out of disgust

    Votes: 2 3.7%
  • I'll take them for £50 posted, doing you a favour

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Get another brand (which one?)

    Votes: 2 3.7%

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No, the thread is not in the wrong section.

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Got them new from HIS this week, had to wait nearly two weeks for my size. Obtained through work so not my own coin.

Two days of hill ground work should not result in this. Not for boots which are near £250.

At a loss what to do, so I'm appealing to the SD hive mind for answers.

I know about boot care and have worn oit my last pair after 3 years, be lucky if this set gets more than a season!
Return them ASAP.
They’re not fit for purpose, I’d not be entertaining any argument either, your contract is with the vendor so it’s up to them to sort it.


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The Meindl boots that i bought in 2008 are still going strong, yearly trips to Scotland and elsewhere, i have been so impressed with them so i am truly shocked by your photo.
I can't beat that, but have a pair from '11 that get light / infrequent wear and are tickety-boo, less heather abrasion.


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I've only ever had great service from HIS.

Always lovely to pop into Macleods too. Top-quality, knowledgeable service. Also, where else can you buy both a Swaro DS and an ironing board at the same time...? :thumb:
Ironing your stalking kit? My, that's posh ;)