Cry Havoc

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Well if I were to take my mother maiden name I would be Dominic Dominick...! I know of a business contact called Mr Shakar, first name Rod. I also used to deal with a company in the Hong Kong and the chinese frequently take a western forename and keep their Chinese family name, the girl I dealt with was called Fanny Pong.!


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Friend of my fathers was called Richard Scratcher.......
There was also (although mentioned already) a Michael Hunt who was the grounds keeper at Lords cricket ground for many years.
Also knew a Teresa Green who worked for the commission, not sure if she still does.

I. Farticus

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I once had a business contact in Finland called Bent Winkle !

I knew a girl at school called Cherry Tree !!!

All good work !

Cheers + ATVB


David T

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Used to deal with a guy called Mr Cobbledeck. We managed to loose the business when the old dear in the office sent the invoice marked for the attention of Mr Gobbledick !! :rofl:


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Just remembered sitting down to a meeting in Germany and having Dr Fuchs introduced....every English speaker was biting their lip trying not to laugh....some failed :)


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When i was working in the states a few years ago there was a guy who was campaigning to be the local governor who's name was Paul Zewa**er I kid you not i thought it was a joke and fell about laughing the two yanks i was with did'nt know what i was laughing at


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I once had a case in which I had a client called Blue, one officer was called Green, and the other Brown!!!


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Once worked on a fairly short drilling contract with a fella from Pakistan, ( Ex infantry), His surname was Banga, the rest of the drilling crew used to take the P*ss, as his other half's name was Lashme, I also get a laugh while watching the news while lying in on a Saturday morning, just take a bit more notice of the sub titles giving the reporters name or the interviewee's! some of the subject matter really jives with the name/s.


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Went to school with a lad called morris carr and met a famous shearer in NZ called edsel forde....

jase kaye

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Anyone watch the episode of The Chase, when Bradley Walsh cracked up with the name of the German horse jumping champion....Fanny Schmeller :eek:


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Guy worked at BP Grangemouth called Rodger Mycock...
Went to same school as a fiddle instructors son called Yehudi MacEwan
Also know a guy I. Will.
Famous comedy act around here is Claude Balls and his wife is Afelia.


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many years ago when bored on the nightshift my mate and I used to access the voters role and look up what ridiculous names there were for a laugh. there was the obvious Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse crew, but we also found a Kenneth *****head...