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A lad we knocked about with when we were younger had the surname King, his brother was known as Chip, and was going out with a lass who's surname was Fish (I kid you not). She fell pregnant and were discussing names for the son and heir. Obviously with Fish and Chip as parents, suggestions were scraps, peas etc. However I suggested he go for a more unusual name like Juan "like King Juan Carlos of Spain"
Aye, Juan King.

Also many years ago I worked for a company and we had a Chinese customer called Su Kon Cock.

I also met an African man called Big Boy Ngwenga


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I used to work with a couple of Butchers,one called George Blood the other called Bill Lean....true. I also some years later while working as a fixer mason worked with a lad called Richard Head(Dick) also true.



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My oldest brother out in Australia picked a good one when he married! His wife's christian name is Bonnie - Making her Bonnie Bony (Both names pronounced the same way)

private fraser

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I bought a bottle of the cheapest red on the shelf to go as a marinade for some roe hocks.
Going to do them in the slow cooker.

The wine is called La Chiave.

Maybe with a name like that it'll turn out to be a cheeky wee beggar with not much taste :).


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Well if I were to take my mother maiden name I would be Dominic Dominick...! I know of a business contact called Mr Shakar, first name Rod. I also used to deal with a company in the Hong Kong and the chinese frequently take a western forename and keep their Chinese family name, the girl I dealt with was called Fanny Pong.!
you will find plenty more fanny pong in pershore Dom.. It comes with the yellow blood...


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a keeper down here called Sparrowhawk (funny in itself) married a girl whos last name was Starling ....their son now works with a keeper called Drake . I went to school with a lad called Albert Hare who did a project on rabbits . i also know Brian Brain


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I used to work on an estate near inverness that had a lovely lass on the forestry team, her name? Miss hazel groves, classic

I also know keepers called woodcock, partridge and grumpy old *******!

I. Farticus

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Friends of mine 1t work some 15-odd years ago -Ollie Roll and Annie Bacon - decided to get married... We were hoping that she'd double barrel her name, but no joy!!!


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Nothing funny on their own but we have 3 lads on our team Paul Mycock, Mike Herron & Graham Tighe. In the office is a daily deployment board and sir names are written in showing who is working with who. So I wrote

Tighe Her-ron Mycock

Lets just say the boss was less than impressed


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The woman at Tandridge Council responsible for footpaths is called Phillipa Gates

i used to have a gut in stores called Jack Russell

A copper I know works with Sergeant Seargeant

My niece had a teacher called Miss Curtain who told them all to call her Annette

dave 67

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At school we had a art teacher called Pamela she was married to the swimming instructor who was Mr Brain so she was obviously Mrs P Brain.

When stuck in the officers study centre at Imphal Barrack we got out the army list of commissioned officers after a few interesting ones we found a Dr De'ath in the RAMC,was recalling this story to my wife's best friend who's husband is the Adj for 2RRF she told me he is at the hospital that she has been attending.:eek:

Worked for a Dutch company for a bit too many to choose but Herman Hardon sticks out so to speak.


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These seemingly unlikely names really do exist, my sister went to school with a lad called Paul Ness and a friend of mine who often emails jokes to a group of mates has the name R Soles included.

Whilst on the subject of names, a teacher joins a school and introduces herself to the head teacher as "Miss Frannie". He is very worried that when he has to present her to her new class that he gets the name wrong - with all the laughter that is going to cause so he practises in his mind all the way to the classroom, "Miss Frannie" - "Miss Frannie - "Miss Frannie" then stands in front of the entire class and announces, "Here is your new teacher children Miss Crunt". Yes I know it's ancient but it still makes me chuckle.