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The Return of the Zombie Thread........Can we just throw an LP at it and be done?

(and yes we were also victims/clients of the slippery Magyar!)
Just a heads up Wonderhart I believe are still offering driven Boar hunts and also hunts for deer in Hungary.
Myself and a group of other hunters from the UK booked a hunt with him a couple of years back , this was our third hunt with him.
When we got to the airport in Budapest we were told that the venue that we were supposed to go to had cancelled at the last minute and we were going to a different hunting ground.

We got to a lovely hunting lodge in an area that we had not hunted before (this hunting lodge owners and it’s staff went above and beyond to look after us when they new what had gone on) after we had dinner Tamas came to me and said that the original hunting ground had not returned his deposit so he was not able to pay the new hunting ground the deposit that was needed to enable us to hunt over the next two days.

He asked me if I could lend him money to pay the deposit so that he secure our hunt , as we had hunted with him on two previous occasions and had not had a problem I lent him 10K to ensure that we could all have the hunt that we had traveled to Hungary for.
This was all lies as he was in debt to other hunting clubs , he use our money, in excess 30K which was over 21k that we as a group had paid and my 10 K to pay some of his debt off .

I have spent considerable amount of money with my barrister pursuing him. All he has paid me back is around 2.5 K even though he has admitted that he owes us the whole amount.
He also stitched another group up that are taking him to court.

So please be aware he is seriously in debt and not well liked by his fellow countrymen .


Tamas if you read this why don’t you call me and sort out how you are going to pay us back ?
Scum bag